ACURA range

The solution for precise high-performance machining

  • Large Z travel up to 600 mm
  • 65-tool magazine operated from the front
  • Rotary/tilt table supported on both sides for high-precision cutting performance
  • Low profile, slim design
  • Optional 5-axis simultaneous milling

Compact, precise and reliable

The ACURA range 5-axis machining centres were developed to enable 5-axis machining of complex workpieces not only with high precision but also quickly and reliably. The advanced moving column design delivers impressive results in high productivity parts manufacturing during highly dynamic high-performance milling and equally during high-performance cutting. The ACURA design with constant vertical axis eliminates the drawbacks of many conventional machining centres and ensures improved accuracy and higher cutting performance.

Fits into almost any workshop

This machine can also be integrated in almost any manufacturing company due to its low profile and slim design. A large sliding door and low machine bed height provide the operator with perfect access to the rotary/tilt table. This makes it easier to set up and check the cutting process during one-off and small-lot production. The stainless steel cover and vertical enclosure in the workspace ensure ideal chip fall and reduce cleaning effort. There is unrestricted access for loading by crane.