True Allrounders

  • Versatile 5-axis machining centres with pivotable main spindle
  • Integrated NC rotary table with high table loading capacity up to 1200 kg
    (Tiltenta 9 up to 1800 kg )
  • Very compact construction
  • 5-axis machining in pendulum operation
  • Fast tool changer

Pivotable main spindle

The main spindle of the Tilenta machines is infinitely pivotable. As a result, they can process long, heavy workpieces as easily and accurately as cubic 5-axis workpieces.

NC rotary table for heavy loads

The machines of the T range convince with its compact and sturdy construction. The machines are equipped with an NC rotary table, which enables the machining of heavy workpieces up to 1,200 kg.

Pendulum operation

A 3- and 5-axis workspace for pendulum operation is created in a few minutes by installing a workspace divider plate.