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The platform strategy developed by the HEDELIUS engineers facilitates the efficient prefabrication of modules such as moving columns, control cabinets and rotary/tilt table units. Specialised teams of fitters carry out the final assembly of the machining centres. Over three hundred documented testing and acceptance steps ensure that consistent series quality is maintained in the process.

At the highest level

Peak performances are required in development, production, installation and service so that we will be able to supply our customers with cutting-edge technology in the future. As a result, HEDELIUS has a large development and design department run by engineers, technicians and software developers. Equipped with state-of-the-art design and calculation software, not only are we constantly optimising existing products but we are already working now on the technical solutions of the future.

In-house production increased

All the essential modules and machine elements, from the machine bed to the rotary/tilt table, are mechanically processed in our own 1,800 m² machining plant. It is equipped with the latest 5-axis machining centres which are capable of machining workpieces up to 30 metric tons in weight and up to 12 metres in length. The level of in-house manufacturing at the Meppen site has been increased gradually in recent years. This is an approach we also intend to continue in future.