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Automation with pallets

An automation solution that uses pallets is ideal in cases where individual parts have to be repeated or small to medium-sized batches are to be manufactured. The advantage of pallets is that while the workpiece is being processed in the machine, a new workpiece can be clamped at the same time, or the apparatus modified. Pallet storage systems are increasingly being used to ensure that the machine can continue with production even during breaks or whole shifts with little in the way of manpower. The pallet stock may comprise several thousand pallets and is geared towards the average lifespan of the workpiece and achieving the desired overall runtime with low manpower.

Solutions for pallet automation.
HEDELIUS MARATHON – really get your production up and running
HEDELIUS was particularly focused on the ergonomics of the set-up area when developing its multi-pallet storage system ACURA 65 MARATHON. The loading height on the pallet is only 950 mm. The loading station is rotatable and can be locked in 8 positions of 45° each. The pallets are pneumatically attached to clamp the workpieces, thus preventing the pallet from being pried out when the vices are tightened. The overall operating concept is simply unparalleled, featuring Heidenhain TNC 640 controls, the Heidenhain work terminal on the standby magazine and the Heidenhain terminal on the pallet storage unit. HEDELIUS is one of the first manufacturers in the world to use the pallet storage controls from Heidenhain.
Interfaces for EROWA Robot Easy
Depending on the size of the pallets, the rotatably-mounted plate can hold up to 4, 6, 10 or 12 pallets with a maximum transfer weight of 250 kg per pallet. A telescopic loader removes the pallets from the rotatable plate and places them in the machining centre. The system can be loaded with a crane and is mainly used in tool- and mould-making.
Interfaces for EROWA Leonardo
The EROWA Leonardo stores 32 pallets of 320 x 320 mm or 24 pallets of 400 x 400 mm over a surface of only 2 x 2 m. The number of pallets may be doubled in the multi-level version.
Interfaces for Indumatik Light
In Indumatik Light 60 and Light 120 can be equipped with two external setting-up stations. While the one at the front is being clamped, the system can continue to remove pallets from the storage system and insert them into the machining centre. This allows the cost-effective production even of part with short running times. The Indumatik Light 60 stores 24 pallets of 320 x 320 mm with a transfer weight of 60 kg, while the Indumatik Light 120 can manage 20 pallets of 40 x 400 mm with a transfer weight of 120 kg.
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