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With 22 pallets, the MARATHON P422 multi-pallet storage system is ideal for set-ups where individual parts have to be manufactured as small to medium series. One highlight is the non-stop operating concept of the ACURA 65 MARATHON, which features Heidenhain TNC 640 controls. This concept extends to the machine, the tool terminal of the standby magazine and the terminal of the pallet storage system. The automated system is perfectly tailored to the ACURA 65 5-axis machining centre.

A perfect combination:

Rotary/tilt table mounted on both sides for high-precision machining

Pallet pneumatically locked to set-up station for better clamping

Clamping weight 150 kg, transfer weight 170 kg

65-slot tool magazine that can be operated from the front + 180 tools in standby magazine

Focus on the user
What we have done with our machining centres is also being carried across to the automated solution. At HEDELIUS, we focus on the user. As such, the MARATHON features an array of technical details. The loading height up to the top edge of the pallet is 965 mm, simplifying set-up for the user. The rotating set-up station, which comes as standard, and the pneumatic locking of pallets to the set-up station are also designed to simplify processes and ensure better clamping of workpieces. A query sensor is integrated into the set-up station and determines whether a pallet is already in there. This prevents the possibility of incorrect operation. The loading opening can be moved backwards for crane loading, thus leaving the set-up station completely free.
Perfect unity
The MARATHON P422 is currently available in combination with an ACURA 65. The machining centre and automated solution are perfectly tailored to one another. The automated system inserts pallets into the machine via the 900 mm-high side loading opening. The ACURA 65 remains accessible from the front, and also affords a clear view of the working space from the set-up station. The machining centre has a 65-slot tool magazine as standard, while up to 180 other tools can also be set up by connecting a standby magazine. The integrated taper-cleaning station means that up to 245 tools are constantly available, and are then automatically brushed off and oiled. Together the ACURA 65, MARATHON and the standby magazine form a perfect unit, with a small footprint, for the automation of small and medium series and for the recurring production of individual parts.

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Technical specifications / equipment:
  • 22 pallets 400 x 400 mm
  • Clamping weight 150 kg (transfer weight 170 kg)
  • Interference diameter max. 500 mm
  • Clamping height max. 400 mm*
  • Rotating set-up station as standard
  • Pallet pneumatically locked to set-up station for better clamping
  • Query sensor for pallet on set-up station
  • Heidenhain pallet changer controls
  • Perfectly tailored to the ACURA 65

*Note the maximum machinable workpiece height of the machine

ACURA 65 EL CNC machining centre.