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Automation with 5-axis machining centres

Greater productivity, more reliable delivery, less pressure on employees: there are plenty of good reasons for automating production. The 5-axis machining centres from the ACURA EL range are ideal for automating. The abbreviation EL stands for "external loading", referring to the machine's provision for loading pallets or workpieces into the workspace from the left machine side.

Machining centres.
Automation with the ACURA EL range.
Side loading
Automation is set up on the left side of the machine. Thanks to the side loading, the workspace is fully maintained for set-up and control tasks, as well as for tasks such as single-item production during day shifts. The machine even offers unrestricted crane loading. Another advantage (dependent on the selected automation) is the ability to see into the workspace, thus ensuring optimised process monitoring when setting up the automation component. At the same time, this solution requires less depth and is easy to integrate into existing production.
Interfaces for third-party suppliers
Preconfigured standard interfaces are available for electrical connection to an automation component, e.g. EROWA, INDUNFORM or industrial robots. The ACURA EL is designed in such a way that users can select the optimal market solution for their automation tasks and can simply connect to the machine. For optimal automation design, HEDELIUS provides the automation company with the machine's 3D data in order to check the accessibility of the automation in the workspace on interfering contours.
Standby magazine
"Searching for tools, calibrating them, transporting them and loading the magazine takes up valuable time and adds up to several hundred working hours over the year. The HEDELIUS standby magazine dispenses with time-consuming tool change processes. A rotating lifting frame with gripper removes the tools from the standby magazine and places them in the tool magazine of the machining centre. The changeover time is just a few seconds."
Automation systems.
User report.
“Standstills are unheard of here”
The Edumar Metaalbewerking in Someren, the Netherlands, all that counts is spindle hours. At the beginning of the year, an ACURA 65 EL from HEDELIUS was put into operation, together with a Titanium 180 from BMO Automation.
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