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Tool automation

Having the right tools is essential in daily production. Searching for tools, calibrating them, transporting them and loading the magazine takes up valuable time and adds up to several hundred working hours over the year. Secure an economical advantage for your company with the 190-slot standby magazine.


The HEDELIUS standby tool magazine is a cabinet magazine positioned behind the machining centre. A rotating lifting frame with gripper removes the tools from the standby magazine and places them in the tool magazine of the machining centre. The changeover time is just a few seconds. The required tools are selected at the beginning of an NC program. The tool management software checks whether the tools are in the main magazine of the machine. If a tool is missing, it is automatically taken from the standby magazine and inserted into the main magazine of the machining centre. If more tools are required for a workpiece than are present in the main magazine, the additional tools are also taken automatically from the standby magazine. This eliminates time-consuming manual changeovers. 

HEDELIUS standby tool magazine
Annual savings €11,580
Example bill: For four changeover procedures per day, with an average of 14 tools to be newly fitted, resulting in an overall tool requirement of 56 tools per day.
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