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Automation with robot cells Automation with robot cells

Thanks to their consistent high performance, robots are now an indispensable part of factory systems. Robots are able to load tool machines with raw parts quickly and precisely, and then remove the finished parts. Thanks to sophisticated user interfaces, a knowledge of programming is no longer needed to retool quickly and easily. This makes robot cells cost-effective even for smaller batch sizes. Along with handling workpieces, modern robot cells can also change workpiece pallets, thus increasing flexibility in small and medium batch production. To make them easier to put into operation, HEDELIUS offers standardised interfaces for different solutions.

Interfaces for workpiece handling systems.
Interfaces for BMO Platinum
Interfaces for BMO Platinum
The Platinum robot cell is ideal for workpiece loading by up to two CNC machines. The workpieces are taken off grid drawers by a 6-axis robot and inserted into the machine. In order to ensure a flexible response even to small batch sizes and increase the time that the system can run for without being manned, the Platinum automation solution also has eight pallet spaces for holding the clamping apparatus. This means that the robotic automation system automatically inserts the required clamping device into the machine and then equips the apparatus with raw parts from the stock drawer.
Interfaces for BMO Titanium
Interfaces for BMO Titanium
The Platinum model has up to 35 pallet storage spaces and two pallet set-up stations for handling combined workpieces or pallets. Robots that can handle 180 kg or 500 kg are available, thus allowing even heavy workpieces to be used with pallets. Due to the tool service life, at present automation is predominantly applied to aluminium and plastic workpieces using robots. To mitigate the high quantity of chippings, machines in the ACURA range can be equipped with special features like workspace rinsing and alternative chip conveyors.
Interfaces for Cellro Xcelerate
Interfaces for Cellro Xcelerate
Xcelerate is impressive for its many equipment versions and universal software. The system is equipped with a Fanuc industrial robot with a maximum load of 20 kg (gripper + product). The integrated grid drawers are used to store workpieces. Positioned one above the other, several drawers together provide a very large storage capacity. Xcelerate is an open system and is protected by railings. Safety is ensured by a ground scanner.
Two-machining interlinking with BMO interface

The innovative ACURA concept with side loading allows an ACURA 50 EL and an ACURA 65 EL to be automated with a pallet storage system or robotic cell. Are your order books completely full? No problem – both machines run automatically around the clock. Do you need to make new parts? No problem – one machine runs automatically, leaving you free to make your parts on the other. Does your customer need an individual part? No problem – one machine continues running automatically while you manufacture the individual part on the other. As there’s always at least one machine running automatically, you can harness the full benefits of automation. The tiered investment option is also a good solution. When starting out, for instance, you might purchase a machining centre plus automation. Once orders start increasing, you can expand your system by acquiring a second machining centre. You space requirements and investment volume are significantly smaller than those of a conventional linear production system.


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