How efficient is your CNC production?

You have probably asked yourself this question before, and for good reason. When we talk to users, we regularly see that there is still much room for improvement. The good news: There are many different starting points for optimizing your spindle runtimes.

Gain an overview of the full range of technical options, set out clearly and concisely in the most comprehensive catalogue in the CNC machining industry. 168 pages of pure technology – in digital and print formats.


Precise 3-axis and 5-axis machining Precise 3-axis and 5-axis machining

HEDELIUS CNC machining centres are valued all over Europe for their precision and reliability. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories, these machining centres can be adapted to handle virtually any machining task.

Setup optimisation: higher production. Setup optimisation: higher production.

Setup optimisation increases the spindle running time of your machining centres while reducing throughput times and boosting production quantities, without requiring more staff, additional shifts or machinery.

Automation: Directly from HEDELIUS Automation: Directly from HEDELIUS

Greater productivity, more reliable delivery, less pressure on employees: there are plenty of good reasons to automate production. At HEDELIUS, you can choose between pallet, workpiece and tool automation.

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