Machining centre
Forte 85 Single 1620

The powerful vertical center with the large 80-fold tool changer and 850 mm Y travel

  • Generous X travel length of 1620 mm
  • Large Y travel length of 850 m
  • Direct measurement systems as standard
  • Completely enclosed work space
  • Heavy-duty, fixed machine bench
  • Vertical stainless steel covering for optimised chip fall
  • Moving columns of high quality machine casting
  • Highlight: Parallel tool magazine loaded during main processing time with 80 positions

Modern moving columns construction for higher demands

When high machining performance and precision in the smallest space are required, the moving column processing centre Forte 85 Single 1620 is the right choice. The modern moving columns construction shines with a high degree of dynamics independent of the work piece weight. With travel lengths of 1620 x 850 x 700 mm, it offers a surprisingly large amount of space with small installation measurements. Direct travel measurement systems on all axes and the latest generation of drive technology ensure long term precision.

80-fold tool magazine, space-saving and precise

Highlight of the machine is the large 80-fold tool magazine. Particularly in the production of individual parts and small series, a large part of unproductive time is due to looking for and installing the tools. The large magazine reduces this searching and installation time and increases the run time of the machine, and ultimately your sales. The tool storage can also be expanded by another 190 places with a standby magazine.

Generous workspace with exemplary accessibility

In order that the workspace can be ideally used, everything is oriented toward the operator with the large machine window and the fixed machine bench. The direct access to the work piece is further supported by the ergonomic working height of the machine bench. Vertical stainless steel coverings ensure an optimised falling of shavings – even for the volume machining of aluminium. Little time is thus required for cleaning work with the Forte 85 Single 1620.

Reduce installation times

The installation times of the Forte 85 Single 1620 can be considerably reduced with the optional quick change pallet systems. They thus offer a sensible addition, especially for individual part to medium-sized series production. Other options include, for example, the 3D mould construction tuning or the 3D infrared measurement sensors for the automated scanning of the work pieces and independent adjustment of the processing specifications for measurement deviations.

Technical data

X-, Y-, Z-travel1620 x 850 x 700 mm
Clamping area worktable1800 x 900 mm
Speed range50-12000/14000/15000/18000/24000 min-1
Spindle power22,00/29,00/35,00/30,00/50,00 kW
Tool holderDIN 69871-A40 / HSK A63
Rapid traverse X-, Y-, Z-axis40/40/40 m/min
Feed measurement systemdirekt
Number of tools80/190
ControlHeidenhain TNC 640 / Sinumerik 840 D SL