Machining centres made in Germany.
Intelligent solutions for machining.

The technology behind the Hedelius CNC machining centres: semi-gantry design.


Sophisticated solutions for efficient machining – that is what HEDELIUS stands for.
The powerful machining centres from Northern Germany are used throughout Europe.

High production depth

All the essential modules and machine elements, from the machine bed to the rotary/tilt table, are mechanically processed in our own 1,800 m² machining plant. It is equipped with the latest 5-axis machining centres which are capable of machining workpieces up to 30 metric tons in weight and up to 12 metres in length. The level of in-house manufacturing at the Meppen site has been increased gradually in recent years.

Innovative design with pivotable spindle

The HEDELIUS maschine-design with bottom-cast bridge is perfect for machining centres with swiveling spindle. The key advantage is the constant high precision over the travel of the Y-and Z-axis. The integrated NC rotary table unit allows the torsion-free 5-axis machining of heavy workpieces. Chips fall directly into the underlying chip conveyor. High tense roller guides, ground ball screw spindles and direct measuring systems on all axes provide, in connection with the latest drive technology, for a contour accuracy and surface quality at the highest level.

Semi-gantry design: a precision technology

The HEDELIUS semi-gantry design with its heavy-duty overhead roller guides on the Y-axis is the perfect design for vertical machining centres. The short flux and the solid machine bed guarantee perfect milling results. The fixed machine table of grey cast iron is suitable for precise clamping of large and heavy workpieces. The chips fall from the machine table directly into the chip conveyor located below.