CNC machining centres. Made in Germany.

For 50 years, HEDELIUS has set the standard in mechanical engineering in Germany. The vertical CNC machining centres made in Germany are valued for their high precision, efficiency and reliability.

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Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we will close our company for three weeks in April. Sale will continue during this time – in compliance with the currently applicable regulations.
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3 and 5-axis machining centres.

Machining Centres by HEDELIUS are valued in the whole of Europe for their precision and reliability. Materials such as cast parts or hydraulic components are purchased only from specialised German companies.

Highlights and options
Standby magazine streamlines your production process Having the right tools is essential in daily production. Searching for tools, calibrating them, transporting them and loading the magazine takes up valuable time and adds up to several hundred working hours over the year. Secure an economical advantage for your company with the 180-slot standby magazine. Find out more Rotary tables for multi-side and shaft machining NC-controlled rotary tables allow you to extend the field of application for your HEDELIUS machining centre to shaft machining or multi-side work, e.g. with swing bridges or clamping cubes. Find out more Automatic workpiece measuring with 3D probe A 3D probe for your machining centre allows you to determine the workpiece clamping position and the correct zero point in the NC program, compensate for clamping errors and measure distances and diameters. Increase the accuracy and process reliability of your production. Find out more Standard interfaces for countless automation suppliers Whether it’s a matter of pallet automation or robotic handling, HEDELIUS machining centres from the ACURA range offer pre-configured interfaces for easy connection and operation of common automation solutions from EROWA, Indumatik, BMO and Cellro. Find out more Motor milling spindles with steep, BT or HSK tapers Liquid-cooled Celox motor milling spindles for your HEDELIUS machining centre are notable for their quietness and precision. Available in different speed and performance versions and with steep, BT and HSK taper interfaces, all machine-, tool- and mould-making applications are covered. Find out more Heidenhain or Sinumerik – the choice is yours HEDELIUS offers you top CNC controls for your machining centre in the form of Heidenhain TNC 640 and the Sinumerik 840 D Solution Line. They are equipped with a big touchscreen display and feature impressive clarity and high simulation speeds. Find out more Automatically measure and test tools in the machine You can automatically measure the length and diameter of workpieces using a tool probe or laser mounted on the rotary/tilt table of your ACURA CNC milling machine, or check for tool breakage in the NC program.  Find out more A cleaner workspace Together with manually operated blowing and rinsing pistols for removing chips and blowing workpieces dry, the CNC machining centres can also be equipped with additional flushing nozzles, which increase process reliability, particularly in automated manufacturing and aluminium production. Find out more Operate apparatus and vices automatically HEDELIUS machining centres can be equipped with a clamping hydraulic or pneumatic system for the automatic opening and closing of zero-point clamping systems and vices in the apparatus. Find out more Process control at high coolant pressures Built-in windows in your CNC milling machine constitute an active precautionary measure, granting the machine operator a direct view of the processes taking place in the machine and ensuring greater safety, especially when it comes to new workpieces. Find out more Automatic doors increase operating comfort and make the machine operator’s job easier Motorised workspace doors on your CNC milling machine provide greater ease of use for your employees. Automatic doors come particularly recommended in the case of short workpiece processing times, as they make the employee’s job easier. Find out more Optimised removal of aluminium or plastic chips Upon request, HEDELIUS machining centres can be equipped with slat-band chain conveyors for the optimised removal of aluminium or plastic chips. Find out more Coolant treatment and high-pressure coolant supply at up to 75 bar HEDELIUS offers different cooling systems with coolant volumes ranging from 500 to 1,250 l, depending on the material to be processed and the selected CNC milling machine.  The systems can be equipped with high-pressure pumps from 25 to 75 bar for high-performance drilling and deep-hole boring. Find out more Marathon pallet storage system – really get your production up and running The Marathon pallet storage system is designed and manufactured entirely by HEDELIUS and is perfectly matched to machining centres from the ACURA range. High transfer weights, multiple pallets, a small footprint and the new Heidenhain pallet changer controls guarantee universally applicable yet efficient production. Find out more 5-axis series in pendulum mode Upon request, some models from the TILTENTA range can be equipped with two integrated rotary tables for effective 5-axis pendulum machining. In order to maintain flexibility, the workspace partition can be taken down within a few minutes, creating a large workspace for long workpieces. Find out more Long-term precision All HEDELIUS machining centres are fitted with direct Heidenhain linear encoders at the factory itself. This ensures a high level of positioning and repeat precision over the long term. Find out more A clean working environment The workspaces of CNC milling machines are fully encapsulated as standard. If connection to a central coolant extraction system is not possible, the machines may optionally be equipped with a stationary oil mist extraction unit. Find out more Continuous swivelling main spindle TILTENTA machining centres are provided with a continuously adjustable main spindle as an NC-controlled B-axis as standard. The swivel gear is designed free of play, and easily masters even heavy cutting tasks thanks to its hydraulic clamping. Find out more Maximum stability with double-sided hydraulic clamping To ensure maximum stability even with heavy workpieces and roughing operations, the rotary/tilt table for the ACURA range is hydraulically clamped on both sides. This clamping feature can be deactivated via the M-function for 5-axis simultaneous machining (optional). Find out more Integrated heavy-duty NC rotary tables Thanks to the NC rotary tables integrated flush into the machine table, you can extend the scope of your TILTENTA CNC milling machine beyond 5-side machining, up to 5-axis simultaneous machining. Clamping weights can go up to 1,800 kg. Find out more