The automation of TILTENTA machining centres.

The demand for automation solutions is constantly increasing. In recent years, numerous machining centres from the ACURA series have been successfully equipped with pallet handling systems or robots. The demand for automation solutions for our TILTENTA machining centres is now also increasing.

TILTENTA machining centres are characterised by their high degree of universality in combined 5-axis and long part machining and are primarily used in single part and small series production. Through additional automation, our customers pursue the goal of utilising the machine and the available space with maximum productivity, e.g. through automatic operation in an additional shift or even at the weekend.

Automation solutions.

HEDELIUS equips the machines with a rotary transfer, pneumatics to control the zero point clamping system, an automatic door and a corresponding interface. This automation is realised in collaboration with our automation partners.

Workpiece loading with 6-axis robot on TILTENTA 9.

Workpiece loading with 6-axis robot on TILTENTA 9.

The combination of the TILTENTA 9 machining centre with an X-travel path of 2600 mm and the BMO Platinum robot unit facilitates the loading of both pallets and workpieces. Fixture changes take place fully automatically, which further underscores the adaptability and efficiency of the system. Equipped with up to 7 robust product drawers and up to 16 pallet locations, this CNC solution enables the production of a mixture of individual parts and small to medium-sized series.
Pallet loading with INDUMATIK UL 300 on TILTENTA 7 NEO.

Pallet loading with INDUMATIK UL 300 on TILTENTA 7 NEO.

Use tooling optimisation with the INDUMATIK UL 300 on TILTENTA 7 to work with greater efficiency. Free up unproductive hours overnight or at weekends and benefit from the high degree of flexibility afforded by a swivel spindle machining centre at the same time. The INDUMATIK UL 300 pallet magazine offers space for 8 pallets (400x400 mm) or 6 pallets (500x500 mm) with an impressive transfer weight of 300 kg. This solution has already been successfully implemented several times. Get in touch with us for further information.
INDUMATIK Robot 200 pallet magazine on TILTENTA 7 NEO.

INDUMATIK Robot 200 pallet magazine on TILTENTA 7 NEO.

With more pallets and therefore more clamping devices in the magazine, you can react faster to changes in production, since no major retooling work is required. The increased number of pallets enables continuous operation over longer periods of time without intervention by employees, for example overnight or at weekends. An outstanding advantage of this solution is the extremely space-saving design, thanks to the innovative SCARA construction. Due to the flexibly extending floor trolley, the number of pallet locations can be expanded almost arbitrarily, and it is even possible to connect a second machine.
With hybrid automation from individual part to series production.

With hybrid automation from individual part to series production.

The Infinity hybrid automation system from BMO is a versatile, configurable automation platform that enables the combination of pallet and workpiece loading. In this example, the solution offers 10 pallet magazine locations for workpieces up to 600 mm in diameter and 180 kg transfer weight, as well as two additional storage locations for Euro pallets. The workpieces on the Euro pallets are pre-positioned in a grid and then placed in the machining centre with the help of a 6-axis robot. This system offers optimum added value for the automation of individual parts through to series production.
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Tried and tested in practice since 2019.

TILTENTA 9 + BMO Platinum 50 Frontloader

Manufacturing large individual parts during the day for skilled workers and using night-time hours and weekends to efficiently process series products of up to 250 pieces: This innovative idea was successfully introduced back in 2019 by a machining company in the Netherlands with the help of BMO Platinum Automation.

Machining centres for automation.

The machining centres in the TILTENTA series stand out thanks to their high degree of universality in the combination of 5-axis and long part machining. Customers who are seeking ways to optimise the efficiency of their machines and the available space will find an ideal solution in additional automation. The dimensions of our TILTENTA 7-2600 NEO and TILTENTA 9-2600 models in particular make them ideal for such added automation.

Further automation solutions.

The automation of your TILTENTA machining centre does not have to be limited to automatic loading; with additional technical solutions, you can further simplify the machining process itself, as well as upstream and downstream processes, and increase your spindle running time. Depending on your specific requirements and production conditions, we can offer you a perfectly harmonised overall solution.

More tools<br> for your TILTENTA

More tools
for your TILTENTA

Automating the delivery of your cutting tools allows you to significantly reduce your tooling costs. The HEDELIUS STANDBY Magazin is a space-saving cabinet magazine that is set up behind the machining centre. It offers you access to up to 264 additional tools.

Optimising chip management<br>for your TILTENTA

Optimising chip management
for your TILTENTA

We offer you the option of connecting your CNC machining centre to a chip press, thereby ensuring automated compression of the chips produced into compact briquettes with simultaneous separation of cooling lubricants. This saves you valuable resources and keeps logistics costs to a minimum.

Interfaces for third party providers

Further automation solutions
for the ACURA series

5-axis machining is also possible with our machining centres from the ACURA series with a rotating/swivelling table supported on both sides. Workpieces with an interference circle of up to 900 mm can be produced precisely and quickly despite the smallest dimensions. In this case, we once again offer you a wide range of optional feature for added automation.

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