Plastics engineering

Excellent milling results, powerful high-volume machining of materials such as GRP and the flexibility that is required for the machining of a large variety of components in plastics engineering are guaranteed with the 3- and 5-axis machining centres of the FORTE series or TILTENTA series by HEDELIUS. With full enclosure, the fine plastic dust remains in the machine.

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“We needed something reasonable”
For the precise machining of glass fibre-reinforced plastics for a wide range of applications WKT-Wernemann Kunststofftechnik GmbH uses the 3-axis and 5-axis machining centres from HEDELIUS.
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“We needed something reasonable”

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Toolmaking and mold making

Tool and mould making

Tool and mould making companies require not only powerful CNC machining centres with highest production accuracy, dynamics and reliability, but also a high degree of flexibility for the processing of various prototypes, models and standard moulds. Therefore, in tool and mould making, HEDELIUS machines for simultaneous 5-axis machining are in use, which allow complete machining ... Find out more
Shipbuilding and ship technology


In tough conditions at sea, excellent quality, durability and reliability are vital. These features apply also to the HEDELIUS machining centres. For highly productive heavy-duty machining in shipbuilding for example, the 3-axis machining centre FORTE 7-2600 with a lare workspace and a high-torque main spindle is a good choice. Find out more
Research and Education

Research and education

The versatile 5-axis machining centres of the TILTENTA series by HEDELIUS, with a pivotable main spindle, integrated rotary table and fast tool changer, meet all challenges in machining. They are ideal for accurate, flexible and efficient manufacturing of prototypes or individual parts. Find out more
Rail vehicles and track technology

Rail vehicles and rail technology

In the metal cutting of components for chassis and drive systems of rail vehicles or track systems, powerful CNC machining centres mady by HEDELIUS are applied. The 3-axis machining centres of the FORTE series are suitable for long parts aas well as for smaller workpieces. Using a workspace partition wall, it takes only a few minutes to switch from long workpiece machining to e... Find out more
Process technology

Process technology

Highly productive and powerful machining centres are also required in the process technology. In this industry, special materials such as stainless steel or duplex steels are used because the workpieces are often exposed to extreme requirements due to heat, cold, high pressure, acids or bases. With the 3-axis machines of the FORTE series you can easily machine even extremely ha... Find out more
Energy and Environmental

Power engineering

From small individual parts for power plants up to large components for wind power plants – the machining centres of the TILTENTA series offer an enormous flexibility in the manufacturing process and are available for a wide variety of tasks of 5-axis machining. Find out more
Medical technology

Medical engineering

In the field of medical engineering, the benchmark for quality, productivity and flexibility is extremely high. Using high-precision machining centres such as the 5-axis machining centre ACURA 65, medical engineering companies manufacture high-precision and complex components for medical equipment and applications. Find out more
Mechanical engineering and plant construction

Mechanical engineering

As varied as the field of mechanical engineering is, as large is the range of materials, workpiece shapes and sizes and requirements on quality and efficiency in mechanical engineering. Perfect if it universal production cells that can do almost anything – as for example the machining centres of the TILTENTA series which combine a swivel spindle and an NC rotary table for 5-axi... Find out more
Food technology and packaging technology

Food and packaging technology

We know from experience: Who builds plants for the food processing or packaging industry, needs milling machines that fulfil highest requirements: uncompromising accuracy and hygiene, reliable process security, highest productivity, best suitability for workpiece diversity, perfect machining of stainless steel, aluminium and plastics as well as individual automation solutions. ... Find out more
Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

In contract manufacturing, high-precision single parts, large and heavy parts, small and large series or complete components are machined. Whether it be parts made of cast-iron, aluminium, plastics or stainless steel – a wide range of workpieces made from different materials reliably must be produced with highest accuracy and surface quality, often even with special geometries.... Find out more

Automotive industry

The machining of components for the automotive industry makes high demands on milling machines in terms of repeat accuracy and efficiency. With its 5-axis series Tiltenta, HEDELIUS offers ideal machines for efficient high-performance machining in the automotive industry. By use of a workspace partition wall, two independent workspaces can be provided. Thus, idle time is minimis... Find out more
Agricultural machinery

Agricultural engineering

Precision, productivity and plant availability are central demands on a moving-column machining centre for agricultural engineering. With its FORTE 9-4600, HEDELIUS has a powerful, highly efficient machining centre for heavy-duty machining in its portfolio. It has a generous work space and is able to machine long workpieces up to 4,600 mm or two workpieces with a length of 2,02... Find out more
Aeronautics and Space

Aecronautical and aerospace engineering

Aecronautical and aerospace engineering is highly complex and requires highest accuracy and reliability. Each component must work absolutely reliable in any situation. Quality at the highest level is also for HEDELIUS as a supplier of machining centres for companies in the aecronautical and aerospace engineering the measure of all things. Ask us for our references in the field ... Find out more
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