The EROWA Leonardo is a pallet handling device with multi-level magazines. The transfer weight is 80 kg (or optionally 120 kg). The X-axis has a long travel, so it works even in big machines. The small range of commands required are entered via a touchpad. The integrated controls are highly autonomous. Pallets are automatically placed in a free slot.

  • Chaos-based production of different components
  • Storage and retrieval station
  • Priority-based workpiece supply

EROWA Leonardo

Technical data.

EROWA Leonardo
Interface for ACURA 50/ACURA 65/ACURA 85
Storage/retrieval station 2-fold/4-fold
Pallet rotatable on set-up station Yes
Number of pallets 24/32/40
Pallet clamping surface 400x400mm/320x320mm/Ø210mm
Handling weight 80/120 kg
Multi-machine operation Yes
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