The INDUMATIK Light 120 allows the machining centre to be switched from manual to automatic mode quickly and easily. For instance, with 30 pallet compartments for different workpieces, the HEDELIUS ACURA can also be operated on unmanned shifts. The operator can remove finished parts at any point using the integrated storage and retrieval station, equipping it with new parts at the same time. The optional InduCell control software check the NC programs and the tool table to facilitate continuous machining.

  • Chaos-based production of different components
  • Storage and retrieval station
  • Includes set-up option
  • Parallel storage and retrieval of workpieces possible at any time
  • InduCell control software for checking the NC programs
  • Priority-based workpiece supply
  • Optional loading of two machining centres


Technical data.

Interface for ACURA 50/ACURA 65/ACURA 85
Storage/retrieval station 2-fold
Pallet rotatable on set-up station No
Number of pallets 24/30/42
Pallet clamping surface 400x400mm/320x320mm/200x200mm
Handling weight 120 kg
Multi-machine operation Yes
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Versatile automation with a small footprint.

30 pallets for space measuring 320 x 320 mm

24 pallets for space measuring 400 x 400 mm

Flexible partitioning for different pallets

Two-machine interlinking with Indumatik interface.

The mirror-image design of the ACURA 50 EL and the ACURA 65 EL means that both machines can be connected up via a multi-pallet storage system. For instance, the link can be made using an INDUMATIK Light 120 multi-pallet storage system. Various pallet sizes are available, and can even be combined into one system, e.g. 12 storage spaces for pallets measuring 400 x 400 mm and over 21 storage spaces for pallets sized 200 x 200 mm. The system can be fitted for other pallet sizes, according to the customer’s requirements, with up to 24 spaces for pallet sizes of 400 x 400 mm.


The innovative ACURA concept with side loading allows an ACURA 50 EL and an ACURA 65 EL to be automated with a pallet storage system or robotic cell. Are your order books completely full? No problem – both machines run automatically around the clock. Do you need to make new parts? No problem – one machine runs automatically, leaving you free to make your parts on the other. Does your customer need an individual part? No problem – one machine continues running automatically while you manufacture the individual part on the other. As there’s always at least one machine running automatically, you can harness the full benefits of automation. The tiered investment option is also a good solution. When starting out, for instance, you might purchase a machining centre plus automation. Once orders start increasing, you can expand your system by acquiring a second machining centre. You space requirements and investment volume are significantly smaller than those of a conventional linear production system.


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