The Titanium model has up to 100 pallet storage spaces and two pallet set-up stations for handling combined workpieces or pallets. Robots that can handle 180 kg or 500 kg are available, thus allowing even heavy workpieces to be used with pallets. To mitigate the high quantity of chippings, machines in the ACURA range can be equipped with special features like workspace rinsing and alternative chip conveyors. 

  • Loading one or two CNC machines with a robot
  • 6-axis robot with a maximum payload of 180 kg
  • Loading standard pallets
  • Two independently operated pallet loading stations
  • Products and pallets can be refilled during operation
  • Capacity for 50 pallets (395 x 395 mm) up to 100 pallets (395 x 195 mm)
  • Optional product loading module
  • Max. 7 robust product drawers for product module
  • Multiple gripping options
  • Variable product heights with the freely divisible drawer system

Automation with BMO.

Technical data.

BMO Titanium
Interface for ACURA 50/ACURA 65/ACURA 85
Workpiece handling Yes
Workpiece storage Drawers
Number of stores 4-7
Gripper Single/double
Pallet handling Yes
Pallet storage/retrieval station Yes
Pallet rotatable on set-up station Yes
Number of workpieces 8-100
Workpiece dimensions 395x395mm/395x195mm
Handling weight 180/500 kg
Multi-machine operation Yes
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