Technology that pays off.

Success spanning more than 55 years.

HEDELIUS Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Meppen was founded in 1967 and now employs 247 members of staff. HEDELIUS specialises in the development and production of vertical CNC travelling column machining centres. The extensive machine range includes three, four and five-axis machines, as well as automation solutions for single-part and small-batch production. Customers include machine manufacturers and their suppliers from special machine construction, agricultural machinery, the textile and aviation sectors, vehicle construction, packaging technology and many other industries.

Company history and foundation.

Successes & development

For 55 years, HEDELIUS has had only one goal: to increase the economy of single-part and small-series production of machines, tools and vehicle construction. Over 247 engineers, software developers, mechatronics engineers and mechanics work daily to make CNC machining centres more productive and reliable. True to the HEDELIUS mission: "Technology that pays", whereby the success factors of ergonomics, productivity and precision are top priorities throughout the development and manufacturing process. With over 3,000 machining centres delivered to date, HEDELIUS can proudly count itself among Europe’s leading manufacturers.

Made in Germany.

For generations, the name HEDELIUS has stood for forward-looking, responsible and future-oriented action. That's why the family business has received the CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate from Creditreform Leer since December 2016. An equity ratio of 70 percent is evidence of outstanding financial stability.

High vertical range of manufacture in Meppen

With a high vertical range of manufacture, HEDELIUS Maschinenfabrik is fully committed to the quality of its products: All essential assemblies and machine elements, from the machine bed to the rotating/swivelling table, are mechanically machined at the company's 1,800 m² machining plant. The site is home to the latest 5-axis machining centres, which are capable of machining workpieces weighing up to 30 tonnes and up to twelve metres in length. In recent years, the proportion of in-house production at the Meppen site has gradually increased.

HEDELIUS in figures.


28,000 m²

Production space


79,8 million €

Turnover (2023)


67 %

Equity ratio


8,5 %

Turnover growth (Ø last 10 years)





8 %




HEDELIUS - the pioneer of the travelling column design.

Whenever large or heavy workpieces are machined, the amount of mass that must be moved has a detrimental effect on the dynamics of a machine tool. Attempts have therefore always been made to relocate as many machining axes as possible in the tool. Over three decades ago (and therefore ahead of its competitors) HEDELIUS recognised the numerous advantages afforded by the travelling column design for CNC machining centres in this regard. Since then, HEDELIUS has dedicated itself to the continuous development of this technology.

Accuracy & precision

The table is essentially the static, passive element, and the primary advantage is that the workpiece weight has no influence on the machining accuracy and dynamics in the linear axes. Defined forces continuously act on the tool, because the main spindle moves in all three axes in this machine concept.

Flexible machining options.

The wide range of machining options offered by HEDELIUS is a decisive criterion for medium-sized manufacturers in machine, tool and vehicle construction, and these companies often are unsure exactly which parts and orders must be machined, when, and in which batch sizes.

Face machining

Use of machining centres

On the one hand, bulky workpieces can be picked up on HEDELIUS machining centres and finished without re-clamping, while on the other hand, the long contact surfaces also facilitate multiple clamping of workpieces. If several identical parts are clamped, this can save considerable tool change times and also extend the machine life span. The longer travelling column machining centres can also be operated in oscillation mode. By expanding the machines with a swivelling spindle and an integrated rotary table, it is possible to extend the application scope to include 5-axis machining of cubic workpieces.


Tooling optimisation delivers a competitive advantage

Tooling plays a decisive role when producing batch sizes of between 1 and 500 units. HEDELIUS offers unique solutions that enable customers to radically reduce their tooling and lead times and decisively increase their spindle hours per year. With different machine concepts, well thought-out ergonomics, large tool magazines and easy-to-operate automation solutions, HEDELIUS can configure the optimum solution from a wide range of technology to suit almost every application.

Customer service.

At HEDELIUS, innovation results from intensive dialogue with customers and interested parties, because this is the only way to deliver genuine customer benefits. At its modern machining competence centre in Meppen, HEDELIUS offers genuine production conditions for use in test machining, and therefore creates the ideal conditions for this dialogue.

In the service of customers

With rapid, on-site service and guaranteed 95 percent machine availability, HEDELIUS also sets the standard when it comes to service in the German machine tools sector. The free HEDELIUS service hotline is staffed by qualified and experienced advisers who are available to assist users with any questions they may have. Service, inspection or spare parts inquiries can be quickly and easily submitted directly via the machine, thanks to the HEDELIUS service app, while a nationwide network of service technicians guarantees rapid assistance in case of a malfunction. Our central warehouse constantly has over 3,000 spare parts in stock.

Company news.

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