Automation interfaces.

Pre-configured standard interfaces are available for electrical connection to an automation system, e.g. for EROWA, INDUNORM, ROBOJOB, BMO, and LANG. The EL series concept is designed so that the user can select the optimum solution on the market for their automation tasks and simply connect it to the machine. For an optimum automation design, HEDELIUS provides the automation engineer with 3D machine data to assess the accessibility of the automation in the work area with regard to interfering contours.

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Automation interfaces.

Depending on the model and degree of complexity of the automation project, a machining centre communicates in different ways with the automation and with additional peripheral devices such as tool presetters and software solutions. The coordination of the interface between the user, automating company, and the machine manufacturer is an important component for the user later and for faultless operation of the automation.

Machining centres for automation.

HEDELIUS machining centres from the EL series enable manufacturer-independent automation of production. Loading takes place via a pneumatically operated loading opening on the side of the machine, meaning the accessibility of the work area is fully maintained for manual single-part production, as well as set-up and inspection work.

Automation solutions.

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