EROWA ERD<br>150 / 250 / 500 <br>

150 / 250 / 500


Exactly how much you need. This is the concept behind the EROWA Robot Dynamic 150L. You get precisely the level of automation that you need at any given moment. If your production capacity requirements change, the robot dynamic system can be expanded in a modular fashion at any time. The slender linear rail is extended to the required length with individual segments. The magazine levels are specially configured for the task at hand.

  • Flexibly configurable pallet handling system
  • Can be expanded at a later stage
  • Parallel storage and retrieval of workpieces possible at any time
  • Control software for checking the NC programs and tools
  • Priority-based workpiece supply

Automation with EROWA.

Technical data.

EROWA ERD 150 / 250 / 500
Interface for ACURA 50/ACURA 65/ACURA 85
Storage/retrieval station Yes
Pallet rotatable on set-up station Yes
Number of pallets Unique
Pallet clamping surface 500x500/400x400mm/320x320mm/Ø210mm
Handling weight 150/250/500 kg
Multi-machine operation Flexibly expandable
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