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For individual parts or small to medium-sized series, set up the follow-up order as "zero" set-up time? The 5-axis machining centre ACURA 65, the MARATHON P406 as a device storage unit and the standby magazine as a large tool storage unit make this a reality. As with the MARATHON P422, the consistent operating concept of the ACURA 65 MARATHON with Heidenhain TNC 640 – on the machine and on the tool terminal of the standby magazine – also proves impressive here. For easy operation, the pallet storage unit has buttons for turning the pallet carrier and acknowledging unmachined parts. The job list is created on the Heidenhain controls in the Batch Process Manager.

  • 6 pallets 400 x 400 mm
  • Clamping weight 250 kg (transfer weight 270 kg)
  • Interference diameter max. 600 mm
  • Clamping height max. 400 mm (workable with vertical table position at ACURA 65 = 379 mm)
  • Two rotating pallet racks as standard equipment (more optional)
  • Pallet can be locked manually to set-up station for better clamping
  • Perfectly tailored to the ACURA 65
Technical data.
Interface for ACURA 65
Storage/retrieval station No
Pivotable storage/retrieval station Yes
Number of pallets 6
Pallet clamping surface 400x400 mm
Handling weight 270 kg
Multi-machine operation No
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A perfect combination:

Rotary/tilt table mounted on both sides for high-precision machining

Pallet manually locked to set-up station for better clamping

Clamping weight 250 kg, transfer weight 270 kg

65-slot tool magazine in the machine + optional 180 tools in standby magazine

One of a kind
One of a kind
The MARATHON P406 has rotatable pallet spaces for using complex fixtures or clamping towers, making it one of a kind.
Large clamping weight
Large clamping weight
The 400 x 400 x 38 mm pallets are made of hard anodised aluminium and can hold a clamping weight of up to 250 kg.
Efficient clamping
Efficient clamping
The pallet is locked manually to the set-up station, thus ensuring efficient clamping.
Rotating pallet spaces
Rotating pallet spaces
360° rotatable pallet spaces with 90° detent make clamping workpieces easier, including on clamping towers.
Enormous clamping height
Enormous clamping height
The maximum clamping height is a remarkable 400 mm!

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Other automation systems.
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