With 18 pallets measuring 500 x 500 mm, a 700 mm interference circle and a transfer weight of 470 kg, the MARATHON SR518 multi-pallet magazine system is designed for handling large, heavy individual parts as repeat parts, or small to medium series. The powerful ACURA 85 5-axis machining centre, the optional 50 kW spindle and a 344-slot STANDBY tool magazine form a perfectly coordinated team that delivers maximum productivity. The operator at the 360° rotatable storage/retrieval station has a clear view of the machine's work area at all times. Furthermore, the work area remains fully accessible from the front for process control and insertion of new workpieces.

  • 18 pallets 500 x 500 mm
  • Clamping weight 435 kg (handling weight 470 kg)
  • Interference diameter max. 700 mm
  • Clamping height max. 500 mm
  • Storage/retrieval station as standard
  • Pallet mechanically locked to storage/retrieval station for better clamping
  • Pallet query sensor at storage/retrieval station
  • Heidenhain pallet changer controls
  • Perfectly tailored to the ACURA 85

Multi palette storage: MARATHON SR518 + ACURA 85.

Technical data.

Interface for ACURA 85
Storage/retrieval station 1-fold
Pallet rotatable on set-up station Yes
Number of pallets 18
Pallet clamping surface 500x500 mm
Handling weight 470 kg
Multi-machine operation No
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The perfect match.

Rotary/tilt table mounted on both sides for high-precision machining

Pallet mechanically locked to set-up station for better clamping

Clamping weight 435 kg, transfer weight 470 kg

80-slot tool magazine that can be operated from the front + 264 tools in standby magazine


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