With set-up-optimised
machining centres from HEDELIUS.

Maximum machine utilisation

Selecting the ideal CNC solution largely depends on the number of pieces, batch size, running time, dimensions and weight of the workpieces to be produced, which is why the set-up process should be considered when planning a new machining centre, specifically to guarantee that production goals are achieved.

Thanks to our wide range of options for set-up-optimisation, we can adapt our CNC machining centres to your individual production requirements in the best way possible, enabling you to maximise spindle running time and therefore increase output. We have already proved our expertise with over 3,000 renowned customers across Europe. 

Set-up optimisation variants.

Using our wide range of options for set-up-optimisation, you can reduce your standstill and waiting times in production. This will enable you to maximise the spindle running time of your machining centre and significantly improve your productivity. Discover the set-up-optimisation variants that have already improved the production performance of countless customers.

Rapid tool change<br>with STANDBY MAGAZIN

Rapid tool change

Searching for tools, dimensioning, transportation, and magazine configuration use valuable capacity and add up over the year to several hundred work hours. The HEDELIUS STANDBY tool magazine provides you with up to 264 additional tool slots. The changeover time is just a few seconds, and time-consuming manual tool changes become a thing of the past.

More efficient clamping<br>with zero point clamping system

More efficient clamping
with zero point clamping system

Reduction of auxiliary times, set-up outside of the machine, quickly fitting in an urgent order in between: This is exactly where the concept of the zero point clamping system applies. The machine operator is provided a means to simplify time-consuming cleaning, measuring, alignment, and clamping. The machine table receives a standardised interface that reduces centring and aligning the device to just a few seconds.

Unmanned setup<br>with pallet automation

Unmanned setup
with pallet automation

Pallet magazine systems are being used increasingly frequently, enabling the machine to run with low numbers of personnel during breaks and even throughout entire shifts. The pallet stock can amount to several dozen pallets, and is based on the average workpiece runtime as well as the desired total runtime with minimal staffing. The advantage of the pallet is that workpiece machining can take place while a new workpiece is being clamped or the device is being modified. 

Customer testimonials.

Efficiency as a key to success

Efficiency as a key to success

The medium-sized Swabian company has relied on HEDELIUS for 22 years, and the company's latest investment, a machining centre from the TILTENTA series, also came about due to the comprehensive equipment package: Alongside a work area partition for oscillation mode, a fast tool changer, a STANDY tool magazine with 190 slots, and a high-precision laser measuring system ensure further reductions in set-up times together with consistently high production quality. As such, TILTENTA also satisfies the requirements for flexibility in production and dependable high quality of the workpieces.
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Extreme flexibility in production

In preparation for the investment in a new machining centre, Bathon GmbH carried out an analysis of components and geometries in order to identify exactly the right machine for the complex production situation. The integrated zero point clamping system and a large tool magazine were very important factors in the decision for one manufacturer. Ultimately, the company opted for a HEDELIUS machining centre from the TILTENTA series and ordered an additional STANDBY tool magazine with 180 additional tool slots alongside the standard magazine.
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Tool changeovers<br>kept to a minimum

Tool changeovers
kept to a minimum

Owing to a particularly broad range of parts, ERO GmbH wanted to invest in an automated 5-axis machining centre that would enable unmanned production over an additional shift. The selection was ultimately made in favour of a HEDELIUS machining centre from the ACURA series with robot automation from BMO. At the end of the workday, the automated system is loaded again with different and new raw parts. The 6-axis robot from BMO Automation then changes the required clamping device in the machining centre before automatically inserting the workpieces.
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Capacity on the machine<br>easily doubled

Capacity on the machine
easily doubled

The production possibilities afforded by the compact HEDELIUS ACURA 65 EL in combination with the Indumatik Light 120 pallet automation system ultimately impressed WFT Werkzeug- und Frästechnik GmbH. In addition to individual parts, the company's production portfolio also includes an entire range of recurring parts that are in constant demand. During the day, individual parts are produced manually on the machine according to customer orders, while production continues unmanned at night and at weekends. With the automation connected, it has been possible to double the capacity on the machine.
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Machining Centres by HEDELIUS are valued in the whole of Europe for their precision and reliability. Thanks to the extensive options, these machining centers can be adapted to almost any machining task.

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