“Feedback from satisfied customers is the icing on the cake”

Kevin G., Service Technician



Kevin G. has been working for HEDELIUS as a service technician since 2014. Trained as an electronics technician for industrial engineering, he has acquired in-depth knowledge of the running, maintenance and repair of HEDELIUS machining centres over the last six years. Like all service technicians at HEDELIUS, he has also received extensive training since joining the company. Even today, he regularly attends internal and external further training courses. Customers benefit hugely from his expertise, and this provides Kevin with additional motivation: “It goes without saying that people have high expectations,” he says, “but getting feedback from satisfied customers is always the icing on the cake.”


  • Age: 26
  • Year joined: 2014
  • Training: Industrial electronics technician
  • Role: Service Technician
  • Activities: Providing technical on-site support to customers; conducting repairs and maintenance work on the machinery
  • Sum up HEDELIUS in three words: “Fast. Skilled. Committed.”



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