TILTENTA 11-4600

With the moving tool magazine of the TILTENTA 11, changing the tool only takes a few seconds despite the 4,600 mm travel distance. The standard 65-slot tool magazine reduces your set-up times as standard. With a workspace partition, the machine can also be loaded in what is known as pendulum mode during operating time. Perfectly designed workspaces with vertical slat coverings and good accessibility to the workspace provide the finishing touch to the overall concept of this 5-axis machining centre.

  • Versatile 5-axis machining centre with pivotable main spindle
  • Four axes in the tool and one axis in the workpiece for maximum precision
  • Extra large X-travel of 4600 mm
  • Face machining of workpieces up to approx. 3600 mm
  • Optionally available with integrated heavy-duty rotary table (table load up to 1800 kg)
  • 3- and 5-axis machining in pendulum operation optional
  • Motor-operated automatic doors for high ease of use

TILTENTA 11-4600

For anyone planning big things.

Technical data.

TILTENTA 11-4600
X-, Y-, Z-travel 4600/4030 x 1100 x 900/1005 mm
Shuttle operation 2 x 2025 mm
Swivel range -5° – +98°/-98° – +98°
Speed range 14000/15000/18000
Spindle power 22.00/35.00/37.00/50.00 kW
Number of tools 65/245/329 (max.)
Tool holder SK40 / BT40 / HSK A63
Rapid traverse 40/40/40 m/min
Feed measurement system direct
Control Heidenhain / Sinumerik
Total clamping surface 5080 x 1100 mm
Fixed table load 6000 kg
Clamping area round table Ø 1140 mm
Load of the rotary table 1800 kg
Diameter interference circle Ø 1450 mm
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Highlights & options.

Stufenlos schwenkbare Hauptspindel

Continuous swivelling main spindle

TILTENTA machining centres are provided with a continuously adjustable main spindle as an NC-controlled B-axis as standard. The swivel gear is designed free of play, and easily masters even heavy cutt... Find out more
Sauberes Arbeitsumfeld durch Vollkapselung des Arbeitsraumes

A clean working environment

The workspaces of CNC milling machines are fully encapsulated as standard. If connection to a central coolant extraction system is not possible, the machines may optionally be equipped with a stationa... Find out more
Integrierte Schwerlast-NC-Rundtische

Integrated heavy-duty NC rotary tables

Thanks to the NC rotary tables integrated flush into the machine table, you can extend the scope of your TILTENTA CNC milling machine beyond 5-side machining, up to 5-axis simultaneous machining. Clam... Find out more
Standby-Magazin rationalisiert Ihren Fertigungsablauf

Standby magazine streamlines your production process

Having the right tools is essential in daily production. Searching for tools, calibrating them, transporting them and loading the magazine takes up valuable time and adds up to several hundred working... Find out more
Rotary tables for multi-side and shaft machining

Rotary tables for multi-side and shaft machining

NC-controlled rotary tables allow you to extend the field of application for your HEDELIUS machining centre to shaft machining or multi-side work, e.g. with swing bridges or clamping cubes. Find out more
Reduce set-up times with zero-point clamping technology

Reduce set-up times with zero-point clamping technology

Reducing non-productive time, setting up outside the machine, quickly pushing through an urgent order: this is where a zero-point clamping system comes in. It provides the machine operator with a mean... Find out more
Automatic doors increase operating comfort and make the machine operator’s job easier

Automatic doors increase operating comfort and make the machine operator’s job easier

Motorised workspace doors on your CNC milling machine provide greater ease of use for your employees. Automatic doors come particularly recommended in the case of short workpiece processing times, as ... Find out more
Operate apparatus and vices automatically

Operate apparatus and vices automatically

HEDELIUS machining centres can be equipped with a clamping hydraulic or pneumatic system for the automatic opening and closing of zero-point clamping systems and vices in the apparatus. Find out more
Heidenhain or Sinumerik – the choice is yours

Heidenhain or Sinumerik – the choice is yours

HEDELIUS offers you top CNC controls for your machining centre in the form of Heidenhain TNC 7 and the Sinumerik ONE . They are equipped with a big touchscreen display and feature impressive clarity a... Find out more

Control systems and software.

At a glance: Optimised capacity at any time thanks to modern control software

At a glance: Optimised capacity at any time thanks to modern control software

Software solutions from Siemens and Heidenhain allow you to get the most from your production unit. Thanks to detailed machine data capture, analysis and visualisation, you always have an overview of everything that matters, allowing you to optimise your processes in a targeted way. For more uptime and optimal machine capacity.
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