Chip press.

Transforms residual materials into reusable materials.

The machining process generates a not insignificant volume of chips. Using a chip press directly at the machining centre allows you to turn residual materials, which would otherwise have to be disposed of, into profitable reusable materials. This is because the chip press separates the chips from the cooling lubricants and compresses them into clean and useful briquettes, in turn reducing logistics costs, saving valuable resources, generating additional revenue and protecting the environment.

Advantages of the chip press.



The chips are heavily compressed during briquette production, reducing their volume by up to around 80 %. Logistics costs are reduced to a minimum.



The chip press is positioned directly at the CNC machining centre, which saves space, time and costs associated with handling, storing and transporting the chips on site.



During the pressing process, the cooling lubricants (oil or emulsion) that adhere to the chips are recovered as far as possible and fed directly back into the coolant circuit.



When the (now lubricant-free) chips are turned into briquettes, they are transformed into high-quality reusable materials that generate a higher return.

Economic advantage through clear added benefits:

  • Rapid amortisation

    The chip press pays for itself within a very short time.

  • Easy assembly

    Quick assembly with the Plug&Press system.

  • User-friendly

    Straightforward, user-friendly operation.

  • Process integration

    Direct integration into existing production processes; can also be fully automated 24/7.

  • Energy-saving

    Low electrical connected load in relation to the briquette production capacity.

  • Maintenance-friendly

    Low susceptibility to faults, low wear, minimal maintenance requirements.

  • Highly efficient

    Intralogistics and transport costs kept to a minimum.




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