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Designed as a flexible manufacturing system (abbreviated FFS, also FMS for Flexible Manufacturing System), the Indumatik 150 allows both the automation of a machining center and the automation of a multi-machine system. The Indumatik 150 has a flexibly expandable pallet store and a rotatable handling device that can be moved on a floor rail. The 

workpieces are clamped in parallel to production at a central storage and retrieval station, which saves additional and distribution times on the machines. The automation of the pallet transport also reduces space and personnel costs and the lead times for orders. The individual orders and NC controls are coordinated via a central master computer.

Technical data.
Interface for ACURA 50/ACURA 65/ACURA 85
Storage/retrieval station 2-fold
Pivotable storage/retrieval station No
Number of pallets Unique
Pallet clamping surface 400x400mm/320x320mm/200x200mm
Handling weight 150 kg
Multi-machine operation Flexibly expandable
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