“Finding a good solution together”

Andreas G., Internal Service



Andreas G. has been working for HEDELIUS since 2002. He initially worked as a service technician in External Services for 10 years, then became a technical point of contact for customers as part of the Internal Service team in 2012. The trained energy electronics specialist now draws upon his immense experience as an installer as he provides support over the phone. “Only members of staff who have many years of experience in external service can work in Technical Support. This means that the majority of customer enquires can actually be resolved over the phone,” says Andreas. He particularly likes the problem-solving aspect of his job. “The thing I most enjoy about it is finding a good solution together and ending up with a satisfied customer at the end of the conversation,” he says.


  • Age: 39
  • Year joined: 2002
  • Training: Energy electronics specialist (specialising in industrial engineering)
  • Role: Internal Service
  • Activities: Telephone support in the event of malfunctions; planning and preparation for external service assignments
  • Sum up HEDELIUS in three words: “Competent. Fast. Effective.”



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