“We are constantly evolving in line with the technology”

Henrik T., Service Technician



Henrik T. has been working for HEDELIUS as a service technician since 2012. As a skilled industrial electronics technician, the 31-year-old expert has seen it all. He underwent extensive training at the HEDELIUS plant before he was allowed to go out on his first customer assignments. All service technicians have to complete this training before their first service job. He and his external service colleagues regularly attend in-house and external training sessions, including with machine control system manufacturers. “We’re always at the cutting edge and are constantly evolving alongside the technology,” he says. And it pays off: “As far as our customers are concerned, we’re experts and valuable assistants, and it’s hugely affirming when people put their trust in you,” he reports.


  • Age: 31

  • Year joined: 2012

  • Training: Industrial electronics technician

  • Role: Service Technician

  • Activities: Providing technical on-site support to customers; conducting repairs and maintenance work on the machinery

  • Sum up HEDELIUS in three words: “Flexible. Straightforward. Professional.”




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