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Increasing efficiency and reducing costs through flexible solutions.

Your production process is as individual as your company itself, which is why we offer you a broad range of automation solutions, from precise pallet and workpiece handling to hybrid solutions and advanced linear interlinking systems. You can depend on tried-and-tested HEDELIUS automation solutions from the MARATHON series or proven technologies from leading third-party providers. Our many years of experience in the automation of CNC machining centres make us a reliable partner when it comes to your specific project. We stand at your side, successfully shaping your path to automation.

Robotics for sector entrants.

Straightforward entry into automated CNC machining requires a reliable partner and a user-friendly solution. Working in collaboration with our partner RoboJob, we offer you a simple and effective complete solution consisting of a five-axis CNC machining centre and robot automation.

ACURA 50 + ROBOJOB Mill-Assist

This user-friendly, entry-level automation centre has been specially developed for loading and unloading small production series and/or small workpieces. The centre features a 6-axis robot with 25 kg payload that takes the workpieces from a fixed table and places them in the 5-axis machining centre from the ACURA 50 series. The ROBOJOB Mill-Assist can load the machine from either the front or the side, depending on the space available.
To the RoboJob Mill-Assist

Almost unlimited capacity.

BMO Automation BV from the Netherlands counts among our tried and tested partners for the automation of CNC machining centres. Their latest automation solution, the BMO Infinity, gives customers unbeatable flexibility when it comes to expanding workpiece storage.

BMO Infinity for ACURA and TILTENTA

The robot cells in the Infinity series are able to accommodate an almost unlimited number of workpieces and pallets. This is possible thanks to flexibly divisible shelves and integrated height checking for optimum utilisation of the shelving capacity. The workpieces are stored on grid trays. The Infinity solution has pallet locations for holding a wide variety of clamping devices, which allows a rapid and highly flexible response to small batch sizes, heavy parts and complex clamping situations. The solution delivers genuine multi-batch automation, whereby the robot first inserts the required clamping device into the machine automatically and then loads the device with the blanks from the trays.
To the BMO Infinity

Scalable production cells.

In order to optimally convert the available space for maximum productivity, the trend is towards large pallet magazines and the networking of several machining centres. This allows different orders to be processed in parallel and throughput times to be drastically reduced.


2 x ACURA 65 + Indumatik 200

With a total of 76 pallet locations of 320 x 320 mm or 58 pallet locations of 400 x 400 mm and a transfer weight of 200 kg, this configuration from Indunorm guarantees the efficient production of a wide range of workpieces. The two storage/retrieval stations are suitable for flexible arrangement and can be optimally adapted to the spatial conditions. Integration of the Jobmanager software for order management and prioritisation optimises the system's overall performance.
2 x ACURA 85 + Indumatik 500

With a total of 24 pallet locations measuring 500 x 500 mm and a transfer weight of 500 kg, the Indumatik 500 is the perfect solution for our ACURA 85 high-performance machining centres. The rotating loading station is suitable for flexible arrangement and can be positioned according to spatial requirements. Integration of the Jobmanager software for order management and prioritisation optimises the system's overall performance.

Your automation partner.

Over the past few years, we have developed from a manufacturer of machining centres into a competent full-service provider for CNC solutions. Our comprehensive expertise is reflected in numerous automation projects, realised in close cooperation with our customers.



Our experts are happy to support you with advice and in realising your tailored solution concept. Arrange a free consultation now, and together with us you, will discover the potential that various automation solutions hold for your production.

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