The ACURA 65 EL enables vendor-independent automation of production by a pallet handling system or robots from the left machine side. This allows automated production without personnel. The machine door remains fully accessible for manual production of single parts. 

  • Automation with pallet handling system or robots
  • Loading from the left machine side
  • Prepared automation interface
  • Side opening height of approx. 900 mm
  • Suitable for numerous pallet handling systems or robot systems
  • Pneumatically activated stainless steel loading door to the left of the workspace
  • 4-fold rotary transfer for pneumatics in the machine bench for activating zero-point clamping elements or power clamps


Vendor-independent automation

Technical data.

X-, Y-, Z-travel 700 x 650/465 x 600 mm
Swivel range +30° – -115°
Speed range 14000/15000/18000/24000
Spindle power 22,00/29,00/30,00/35,00/50,00 kW
Number of tools 65/90/245/329 (max.)
Tool holder SK40 / BT40 / HSK A63
Rapid traverse 40/40/40 m/min
Feed measurement system direct
Control Heidenhain / Sinumerik
Clamping area round table 650 x 540 mm
Load of the rotary table 500 kg
Diameter interference circle Ø 700 mm
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Highlights & options.

Coolant treatment and high-pressure coolant supply at up to 75 bar

Coolant treatment and high-pressure coolant supply at up to 75 bar

HEDELIUS offers different cooling systems with coolant volumes ranging from 500 to 1400 l, depending on the material to be processed and the selected CNC milling machine.  The systems can be equipped ... Find out more
Höchste Stabilität durch beidseitige hydraulische Klemmung

Maximum stability with double-sided hydraulic clamping

To ensure maximum stability even with heavy workpieces and roughing operations, the rotary/tilt table for the ACURA range is hydraulically clamped on both sides. This clamping feature can be deactivat... Find out more
Sauberes Arbeitsumfeld durch Vollkapselung des Arbeitsraumes

A clean working environment

The workspaces of CNC milling machines are fully encapsulated as standard. If connection to a central coolant extraction system is not possible, the machines may optionally be equipped with a stationa... Find out more
Standby-Magazin rationalisiert Ihren Fertigungsablauf

Standby magazine streamlines your production process

Having the right tools is essential in daily production. Searching for tools, calibrating them, transporting them and loading the magazine takes up valuable time and adds up to several hundred working... Find out more
Automatically measure and test tools in the machine

Automatically measure and test tools in the machine

You can automatically measure the length and diameter of workpieces using a tool probe or laser mounted on the rotary/tilt table of your ACURA CNC milling machine, or check for tool breakage in the NC... Find out more
A cleaner workspace

A cleaner workspace

Together with manually operated blowing and rinsing pistols for removing chips and blowing workpieces dry, the CNC machining centres can also be equipped with additional flushing nozzles, which increa... Find out more
Automatic workpiece measuring with 3D probe

Automatic workpiece measuring with 3D probe

A 3D probe for your machining centre allows you to determine the workpiece clamping position and the correct zero point in the NC program, compensate for clamping errors and measure distances and diam... Find out more
Process control at high coolant pressures

Process control at high coolant pressures

Built-in windows in your CNC milling machine constitute an active precautionary measure, granting the machine operator a direct view of the processes taking place in the machine and ensuring greater s... Find out more

Automation systems.

“Standstills are unheard of here”
The Edumar Metaalbewerking in Someren, the Netherlands, all that counts is spindle hours. At the beginning of the year, an ACURA 65 EL from HEDELIUS was put into operation, together with a Titanium 18...
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Control systems and software.

At a glance: Optimised capacity at any time thanks to modern control software

At a glance: Optimised capacity at any time thanks to modern control software

Software solutions from Siemens and Heidenhain allow you to get the most from your production unit. Thanks to detailed machine data capture, analysis and visualisation, you always have an overview of everything that matters, allowing you to optimise your processes in a targeted way. For more uptime and optimal machine capacity.
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