FORTE range:
Vertical machining for high standards.

FORTE 65/85: Precision in the smallest space

With the FORTE 65/85, HEDELIUS is introducing a new class of vertical machining centres in a modern travelling column design.

Workpieces of up to 2000 kg can be processed on the fixed machine table without restricting the high dynamics of the machine. Thanks to the special design of the travelling column – made wholly of grey cast iron, with the milling spindle at a constant distance from the guide shoes of the Z-axis – the series is impressive for its remarkable precision, surface quality and cutting performance.
It provides a superb solution for access to the working space and chip removal. Perfect for processing heavy workpieces, e.g. in toolmaking, but also for large chip volumes, e.g. in aluminium machining.

FORTE 7/9/10/11: Versatile in shuttle operation

HEDELIUS sets trendsetting standards in vertical machining with the high-performance machining centres of the FORTE series.

 Their compact design, the large Z-travel and the optimised chip fall are logical further developments in relation to previous machines and increase the area of operation and efficiency of the FORTE series. The newly designed workspace with vertical slatted covers and workspace encapsulation as standard further reduce the effort required for cleaning and maintenance. On the one hand, the cutting-edge moving column design enables machining of long workpieces and large one-off items while, on the other hand, from the FORTE 7-2600 upwards the workspace can be divided for series production in pendulum mode. Clamping and setup parallel to machining virtually eliminates unproductive downtimes and significantly increases your competitiveness. 


Large work space

Large workspace despite small dimensions

With X-traverse paths up to 4600 mm, the FORTE series offers a wide range of machining options especially for long part machining or pendulum operation.
65 or 80 tools as standard

Up to 80 tools as standard – plus 180 if required

Whether you are looking to process complex workpieces with many tools, change materials or access replacement tools, the magazine, which holds 65 or 80 tools as standard, addresses a wide range of requirements. And if that is not enough, the magazine can be expanded to hold another 180 tools. "

Machining centres in the FORTE range.

SK40/HSK A63 3-axis machining.

Custom-milled parts on demand
Förster Sondermaschinen GmbH specialises in the production of customised precision components. What makes it special? Thanks to highly flexible, customer-oriented manufacturing, the customer is able t...
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Förster Sondermaschinen GmbH

Control systems and software.

At a glance: Optimised capacity at any time thanks to modern control software

At a glance: Optimised capacity at any time thanks to modern control software

Software solutions from Siemens and Heidenhain allow you to get the most from your production unit. Thanks to detailed machine data capture, analysis and visualisation, you always have an overview of everything that matters, allowing you to optimise your processes in a targeted way. For more uptime and optimal machine capacity.
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