Heidenhain OCM trochoidal milling cycles:

available on all HEDELIUS machining centres.

Trochoidal milling is a highly dynamic milling process with a high chip volume. Previously, this function was only optimal for grooves. HEIDENHAIN has changed this with a new option for the TNC 640. Optimized contour milling (OCM) makes the idea of trochoidal milling suitable for a much wider range of applications. In addition to roughing open and closed pockets and islands of any shape, OCM also offers cycles for finishing floors and side walls.

Like trochoidal milling, OCM limits the wrap angle and enables milling along the entire cutting length. With OCM, the user programs any contours directly on the TNC 640 as usual in a workshop-oriented manner. The control automatically calculates the best possible tool paths to maintain the cutting conditions. Machining always runs with the optimal cutting values. This not only significantly increases machining speed, but also noticeably reduces tool wear.  

Advantages of trochoidal milling with OCM

Advantages of trochoidal milling with OCM

  • Less milling pressure on thin-walled components
  • Higher chip volume
  • Reduced machining time
  • Better machining of hard materials
  • Lower heat development in component
  • Less tool wear

We would be pleased to show you the advantages of trochoidal milling with practical examples in our demonstration centre in Meppen.

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